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How much XRP to hold longterm?

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I'd be happy with 10k, but am far from it atm. Children in private schools, car loans and rent makes it kind of hard to accumulate. We'll see what the future holds, but 10k would be OK for me.

The very expensive funeral of my 22 yo son and my battle with alcohol abuse hasn't helped either, but I'll get there.

Had a fight with the car door the other day. Surprisingly, I didn't win. Can't wait for the battle wounds to disappear, though, everyone keeps asking what happened :D

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3 hours ago, CryptoCrusader said:

What size XRP stack do you recommend to hold longterm say 5 - 10 years ?

1xrp so your losses are minimal.

At the rate xrp is moving now it will be worthless as in 5-10 years other players will be catching or caught up and overtaking xrp.

dont take this serious though I’m just venting that I’m not a multi millionaire yet.

i have low 5 digits worth and I’m happy with this stack. 

£400 per xrp is the dream to live extremely comfortably (£10k a month) wether it gets there or not who bloody knows.


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23 minutes ago, quetzalcoatl said:

I'm here if you ever need someone who has been through it. Feel free to message me anytime brother. 

I have a 2 yr old daughter and I couldn’t imagine anything happening to her, I’d be a total mess and pretty sure I’d take my own life to be with her.

massive respect to the both of you for getting through your pain and anguish 👍

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It all depends on your personal financial situation and your tolerance for risk. What’s the right amount to hold if the price goes to $100? Probably everything you have. But what if it goes to $0? You want enough so that you reap a significant reward if it skyrockets, but not so much that it kills you if it crashes. BTW, it’s not advisable to tell other people how much you own. That could put you and your family at serious risk. We don’t know each other or where we live, but if there’s enough money involved criminals will find a way.

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my goal is to get 10k this year if price dosnt increase , it may be possible.

if in 2020 price is still under 0.5$ , I hope I'll be able to get 5K more.

So I'd be happy with 15K , then I'll wait for it to get to 5-10$ . If it's too long ( more then 3 years ) , I'll sell to the actual price

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