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French / European / Worldwide Regulation - Paris Blockchain Conference April 2019


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wow @JannaOneTrick thank you so much for taking the time to translate this for us.

"Everyone sees today that it is an important challenge to restore confidence, restore authority and that this trust can come simply from the collective opinion of citizens who trust each other through the blockchain."

"The solution will come from the consumer, the citizen, from all those who participate in economic life and the blockchain is a way to restore this democratic trust."

Such a well written speech from a politician who seems to actually understand what is taking place here.  The dominoes are starting to fall and our ideas and plans are spreading to every corner of the earth.  With Ripple in particular we are Democratizing finance, and are beginning to see a race to the bottom which should become more and more prevalent as the Ripplenet network becomes more expansive.  Finance and some of the other industries that are spoken about by Mr. Bruno Le Maire have become walled gardens of inefficiency and overhead costs that are passed on to consumers and employees.  In a growing world there is absolutely a need for Trust and Blockchain delivers that immutable trust better than anything we have ever created!

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16 minutes ago, mandelbaum said:

Thanks for taking the time to translate.

Looks like the swedes are waking up too, Safellos aim is to be the Coinbase of Europe:


Am i seeing this correctly?  Bitstamp sent them XRP for wallet creation, and it might soon be able to be purchased on the Safellos platform?

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1 hour ago, JannaOneTrick said:


Thank you!

This is exactly my own feeling when listening to the whole conference! He truly understands the underlying questions of blockchain and its potential!

It made me believe we are underestimating governments in actually understanding the technology (at relatively deep levels).

Great post and just what is needed, particularly on this forum at the moment when some seem to doubt everything, not thinking that so much is happening in this ecosystem which will benefit the companies and currencies that are putting so much effort in to developing their offerings -  XRP being a prime beneficiary over time.

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Great Post.  Whilst an incompetent British PM fiddles with Brexit France steams ahead trying to grab the European financial crown.  France is getting its act together.

So much interesting good news.  This video is perhaps not altogether relevant to this thread, other than  illustrating again the huge scale of the markets that Ripple are laying foundations with and targeting.


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I have to admit I am out of my depth with a lot of this financial information - it just all seems to be happening on a huge scale and very fast (relative to the scale of the task).  You might look at the developments in SE Asia video too (see my thread Zennon Kapron's - "Latest Trends with Southeast Asia and Beyond. (26 Mar 2019)")  - because what is happening in that market is advancing very rapidly too.  Again huge.  Everyone on XRPchat is discussing DS wallet and smearing Ripple whilst all this important stuff is breaking around us.

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On 4/16/2019 at 6:26 AM, JannaOneTrick said:

And I prefer France to have one step ahead of these technologies, rather than being late.

"Vive la France!"  He even went to Washington to try and talk sense into them.  I'm glad he's as motivated as he is and I'm glad France has leadership willing to make a move.  Having a country take the lead and start to enjoy the rewards is exactly what it will take to get other nations to make a move.  And that will benefit all of us.

Outstanding work @JannaOneTrick - you've been really crushing it lately.

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