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Cryptocurrency Layoffs, Will IOTA and Ripple Develop Blockchain Solution?

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Layoffs became the Latest Thing in Cryptocurrency: What’s the Implication?

Cost cutting has been a trend in every business when returns are not bullish. Lately, the Cryptocurrency Industry seems to go through a similar trend. The Industry must focus to develop blockchain solution creating the leeway to escape this condition. Steemit, a top cryptocurrency firm laying off 70% of its employees is waving a red flag. While ConsenSys, the Blockchain Social Media is ready to get rid of 13% of its workforce, confirming the alert. Steemit put it straightforward citing the continuous bear market of more than 9 months as the reason. And, ConcenSys is “restructuring” itself. This situation implicates a strong drift.

Know More About Steem Cryptocurrency.


Why IOTA and Ripple Must Develop Blockchain Solution

IOTA and Ripple are two different use cases of blockchain technology. However, they are both evolving to transform as Distributed Ledger Technologies. DLT is gradually turning as the next stage of blockchain development.

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