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Two videos Asheesh Birla - Mexico/Philippines and Zennon Kapron's "Latest Trends with Southeast Asia and Beyond"

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Asheesh Birla - Mexico/Philippines promotional video

Didn't learn much that was new; towards the end he does suggest that there is an imminent announcement about new corridors that are opening. (India?)

this earlier Ripple Regional Video with Zennon Kapron's presentation is more interesting and very comprehensive behind the scenes analysis of Ripple work in China and SE Asia: Asia Pacific 2019 - "Latest Trends with Southeast Asia and Beyond. (26 Mar 2019)"  He gives away a lot and really joins the dots explaining how the new mobile streaming tech of payment systems and Ripple/XRP are all coming together in a "perfect storm"  It is obvious that  Ripple are  working very closely with Alipay and Tencents .. This is a prelude to big stories that will break in coming months?



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