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2 Questions - Say I have moved all my xrp to a new wallet, ive also noticed another wallet - I want them closed


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1.  So I have 20xrp in 1 old wallet and 20xrp in an even older wallet thats $18 just sitting doing nothing. How can i close these wallets and retrieve the $18 never to be opened .again.?


2.  what if someone sees your public key and is now able to see whats in your account. I wouldnt want someone knowing what i have in my bank, and what if I want to send someone XRP Its great, fast cheap but Im surprised there is no way to obscure where your XRP is coming from. I mean you cant even donate anonymously.

I would have thought someone has found a solution to this simple, obvious problem. After pondering for a day i was able to figure out a payment system that allows you to send someone funds but when its seen on the blockchain all the $ is account for its just been through numerous hops breaking down the payments and eventually reaching the destination. Has anyone even thought about this annoying issue that can be solved by a developer



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