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Demand for Ripple Inc products simply to high in Asia Pacific


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In a post by Ripple Inc’s official Twitter handle, the cryptocurrency company revealed that there is an increasing demand for its remittance solutions. However, the existing services cannot cover this ultra high demand.

Ripple Inc tweeted saying “Demand in APAC for fast, affordable cross-border remittances are growing, but existing services can’t keep up.” This statement was made at the Ripple Inc Regional event in Bangkok.

Malaysian Bank, CIMB previously partnered with Western Union to help their customer send money to their families in other parts of the world. However, Thomas Kiong, Senior Managing Director of Group Treasury Sales and FX at the bank admitted that the economics of the partnership favored Western Union more. He revealed that the bank did 80 percent of the work but only got 20 percent of the reward.

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Think you misinterpreted or title is unclear. They are stating that demand for remittance solutions is high and that traditional services cannot meet this need. It's a nudge for people to start using ripplenet instead, not that it's too much traffic for ripple solutions.

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