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XBT Provider (XRP ETP Tracker)


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At XBT Provider - our mission is to democratize access to digital assets for investors of all types. [..]
We look forward to continuing to bring investors more access to investments which currently may be out of their reach.

In 2019, XRP Tracker Euro / One became the first XRP-based security available on a regulated exchange in the EU when it listed on NGM in Stockholm.

The certificates are non-equity linked securities traded in the same manner as any share or instrument listed on Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm.

XBT Provider's prospectus is approved by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen).




Final Terms dated 05 April 2019 under the issuance programme of XBT PROVIDER AB (publ)

Found only 1 mention about XBT Provider here so I think it's worth a topic

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1 hour ago, Arenys said:

I didn't know there was a  XRP-based security 

When/how did you find out there was one?

Is there a discrepancy? Would you like to offer more?

Do you own XRP? If not, why the interest?

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am I asking too many questions?
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To clarify, this has nothing to do with XRP being a security or not. The way they offer it (certificates) makes anything a security as far as I understand. They also have btc based securities:

In October 2015 Bitcoin Tracker Euro became the second bitcoin-based security available on a regulated exchange

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