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New York State has rejected Bittrex Exchange's application for a BitLicense


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Bittrex understandably said no to this:


Coin Restrictions & Regulatory Overreach- The agreement restricted the coins we could offer to New York residents to only ten coins, and imposed restrictions on the process by which Bittrex could offer new coins. This would have prohibited Bittrex from listing coins that are offered to New York residents by other bitlicenseesNYDFS reserved the right to order us to withdraw coins at any time. Additionally, DFS would be able to prohibit offering tokens to NY residents, even if other NY bitlicense holders were able to offer the tokens  


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2019's Business Unfriend State Award goes to... New York, the home to AOC and Democrats. I guess it could be worse. Can you imagine having to work in NYC and then commute back to New Jersey every day. I would just end my life if my life spiraled out of control to the point that was my only option to survive. 

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