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2nd Allvor Airdrop: Participate and earn 50,000 ALV


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The second airdrop can reach 1,000 Ripple account holders 

As announced, this April 9 Allvor performs the second airdrop scheduled for the month of April. In this airdrop, 50,000 ALV will be distributed for up to 1,000 Ripple accounts. Just access the form and request the payment.


All Ripple account holders can participate

Any Ripple account is enabled to participate in the Allvor airdrop. The only requirement is that the account has a trust line for Allvor. Users who participated in the first airdrop, held on April 4, can also participate again.


Tool changes

We made some adjustments to the airdrop tool to simplify the steps and reduce the risk of problems with e-mail providers. From now on, you just have to register the account and the e-mail in the initial form and then click on the e-mail you received to settle the payment automatically. We have also changed our e-mail server: all messages will be sent by AWS Amazon servers.

Users who have had trouble receiving our automatic payment e-mail in the airdrop from day 4 have already received individual messages requesting the account information to settle the payment. Everyone who provided the account has already received the payment.


Next airdrop: April 17

Write it down so you do not miss the next airdrop. It will be held on April 17, at a different time from the current airdrop: the airdrop will start at 11p.m. GMT 0.



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