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Overview of Binance recent statistics from CZ


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In a new interview with CNBC’s Crypto Trader, Changpeng Zhao says the number of orders being placed on the leading crypto exchange is now at an all-time high.


The trading volume per transaction, the number of transactions, the number of orders people are submitting, is at an all-time high. We’re actually seeing more orders than January of 2018.

It’s just that now, the Bitcoin price is a little bit lower, so the total trading volume in US dollars seems lower. But we’re actually seeing – trading volume wise, system load wise – we’re at an all-time high. And user registrations jumped as well. So all indications are things are going up. Every piece of data we have is going up right now.

According to Zhao, trading volume began to increase ahead of last week’s big surge in the price of Bitcoin.


To be honest, there was a little bit of a warming up, even before the spike. So one or two months ago, the speed of registrations was picking up. But the bigger growth corresponded very tightly with the spike itself. So when you’re spiking, there are more people registering. So the curve is very similar. Even the Bitcoin price itself was warming up before the spike. So the curve is very, very correlated.


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