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Blockchain for Europe Association: speaking with one voice

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Program for 2019

The Association is “ambitiously setting out to shape the global agenda on blockchain”. Having already hosted the Blockchain for Europe Summit in November, the Association set up their agenda for 2019, thereby focusing on three priorities.

First goal is to establish themselves as a trusted stakeholder towards policymakers in the blockchain space. The second priority is educate EU and member state institutions “on the true nature and potential” of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain technologies. And third, they wish to engage in policy discussions, notably around blockchain protocol standards as well as crypto assets. But other topics surrounding blockchain will follow in the coming years.

Another focus point will be to drive their membership. Their primary constituencies are “blockchain originals. That means that the future members of the organization will be the businesses that work or originate from the DLT and blockchain space.



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