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Crypto Market Update; This is Why XRP is Falling


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58 minutes ago, Wolex said:

This is so beautiful.

It's a direct example of what a troll website looks like!

Here's how I see this website:

The content is machine-generated, and its algorithm is designed to maximize views by posting content that's provocative or already at the center of debates.

But the algorithm is definitely geared towards negative sentiments rather than taking a well-balanced snapshot of the conversation that's taking place.

A lot of the content are nonsensical sentences that lack punctuation and grammar, but independently they are each just pieces of communication that's very in-line with the FUD-slinging we've seen within Ripple's communities. It's fragments that are woven together, and then the website constantly just pumps these out, with either legitimate viewers or non-legitimate ones (most likely) just pushing this material out there as much as possible.

Take that with the knowledge that majority of headlines are all that people read, as if the existence of a news articles that proceeds it is worthy enough, and voila you have a recipe for some sincere, directed sabotage directed towards XRP.

Anyways... TL;DR garbage content, website is a machine-generated news source with a bias against Ripple, useful when anti-Ripple posts need sources.

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4 hours ago, Wolex said:

catchy url! then redirects to


even catchier url :D

is there a way crypto blogs could be any sh*ttier?! i don't think so

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@karlos this user is clearly a todaysgazette agent.  

Possibly just a software agent.  

In any case...   as @xrpzilla nicely outlines above it’s merely a money making scheme for that site.  Perhaps also part of a FUD effort...  but that’s not germane.  

There are no redeeming qualities and it is NOT “press” in any normal sense of the word.  

Can we please consider trialling some scheme to stop these clickbaiters?

Perhaps a two month delay before can start a thread in Press, and a minimum post count before hyperlink?   I know it can be gamed but it’s better than the current situation I think.  

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8 hours ago, longhodler said:

By the way, could anyone explain this chart to me. Is it volume from exchanges or number of transactions to/from wallets controlled by exchanges... or what?



I believe it's the number of trades going through the XRP decentralized exchange.

Looks like Stellar has more has more ledger trade volume than Ripple these days.



Does anyone know why the Ripple DEX is so dead?

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