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Tipping point


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Hey @BobWay i wonder from a marketshare perspective what would be the tipping point for Ripplenet to become unstoppable in terms of growth and in what time window Ripple sees this happening ?  I understand there are about 48.000 banks & FI's in the world of which SWIFT serves about 11.000 and Ripple has signed up around 200 now that we know of , and the public opinion is that adoption is accelerating ( at least for Ripplenet , maybe not yet XRP )

I understand Ripple will not publicly disclose its  G2M plan but wonder if you could shed some light on this . It's likely not just the nr of customers but also volume (remittance and corporate payments) and also organic versus non organic (partnerships , M&A ? ) growth options .

If you have already answered this in some other thread , please just ignore the question.

Many  thanks   

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