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Any insight or speculation of what this could mean (xrp charts for mar 23, 2019)

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Hey guys, new to investing and crypto, but constantly trying to learn... I caught wind of this today....


March 23, transactions up by about double (to 916k +), # of ledgers tripled from yearly avg, (about 25k to about 75k) ledger close interval from abt 3.5 secs to 1.16 secs, and number of payments up from abt 25k to 125k.

Is this bc of Cobalt like others have been suggesting? How could this impact XRP Price? (Currently down /24hr) 

Rumors suggest its bc of Cobalt, however, I’m hearing that Cobalt is not live...

Any insight is greatly appreciated  



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Well, judging from the replies in @PhiGuy post in the general discussion section on whether or not cobalt is live, it seems as though members feel the charts are an error?? Is that the general consensus among members here? 

Like I said, I’m new to this, so forgive me if my next question is naive... 

Are chart errors a common occurrence that I should consider when studying them?

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There have been data errors on all crypto reporting sites over the years.  It’s certainly wouldn’t be the first time the charting was wrong.  

So we can’t be sure what it is yet.  But it is certainly not Cobalt.  

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