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Worldpay, Amazon and Ripple?


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2 minutes ago, Kiwi said:

My thought is.. If amazon wanted to use ripples technology they would partner with ripple not with ripples partner

Sound logic! What would the forums/twitter post about if everyone wasnt always reading in between the lines? Imagine if every PR was taken at face value ....(boring though) cant hype that. 

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Together, Ripple and Worldpay have been co-chairing the W3C Web Payments Group since 2015.

Worldpay also works with Ripple partner LianLian Pay.

While it is disingenuous to claim Amazon is using Ripple as a result of this, it is also disingenuous to claim this is unrelated to Ripple.

Partnering with Ripple outright would be a giant unnecessary risk for a company with a market cap as stratospheric as Amazon's. They can get more from partnering with a Ripple supernode that operates more than just a RippleNet connection. In my opinion, this is the same reason Visa bought Earthport. Amazon is one step closer to access of RippleNet for payment and settlement. This is worth celebrating.

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Apple just launched a new payment initiative also with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs. It is heating up, and the big guys are entering the payment space for real.

The Kodak moment is coming for the existing banking system. Ripple has been putting down the rails for this moment over the last 5 years to take market shares, now we wil see the marathon pick up speed. Slice the prices of cross border payments, or become irrelevant.

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They could just do that with the current system. Most of the fees at the bank you see is just the profit they make off customers, its not the cost to the Bank. They could siginficantly slash fees and still be quite profitable.

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