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How do paths work?/How are paths represented on Bithomp/Ripple API?

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So I have read about paths and understand what they mean. But, I am trying to understand if you can see the movement through the paths in the actual transaction. It seems like you cannot. For example, in the following transaction:


The following addresses appear in the path section, but not in the orderbook changes section or outcome section. 





But they have type\":48 which implies an orderbook. How do we know what is being exchanged in the paths section if the data does not appear in the transaction?


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You can check the METADATA JSON. You can do it on bithomp (but it's "manipulated" with RippleAPI), you can do it on ripple chart (https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/93B95DC9886B49B0EAD45F4A84F5DE9942CD1265699F1034405AB0097F4C3C7A) but again it's "manipulated" to show it in a human readable way, or you can check the pure metadata from a rippled.

You can see that rp6yPpi3A2X9C3uquM6UXw9CmJ9CV7wFQq sent a payment of 1 BTC to Bitstamp using 92,555 XRP.

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2 hours ago, fiik said:

so they used the xrp as the bridge to send btc from A > B?

Not really as bridge.

The payment was: XRP-->BTC.

He basically sold XRP to rNkNYZ7oJUGecsgY9gtHJvTWJGtfFhePkR for BTC, then the BTC was sent to Bitstamp.

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