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SBI CEO Newest Statement: Tightening Cooperation With Ripple (XRP) To Spread MoneyTap To 200 Financial Institutions And Beyond

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19 minutes ago, MemberBerry said:

Sir.  Whatever you do, do not listen to the CEO of sbi. He is a professional and notorious  pumper dumper


Haha, that's funny!


But I don't think anything he's ever said has moved the price...

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In an interview with Coinpost, SBI Holdings President and Representative Director Yoshitaka Kitao, who previously said that he expects Japanese banks to use Ripple by the 2025 Osaka Expo, spoke of the benefits of working with Ripple’s technology:

Aren't the Japanese banks suppose to use XRP in June or July this year. What is this 2025? 

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4 minutes ago, hamasugu said:

I still don't know when Japanese bank will use XRP. 

World exposition will be held in 2025 in Osaka, Japan. Perhaps, by 2025, XRP will be usable in Japan.



It is a little bit confusing. I thought that in June or July there will be 10-20 Japanese banks using XRP. Now he says by 2025. Well we just have to wait and see. I think I just wait and by more XRP, I still have plenty of time :)

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