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Not exactly the same (I'm not sure how to find that indicator) but I was able to recreate the same increasing long data in tradingview. On the bottom I drew a line showing ~20million increase in longs since mid January. There's definitely going to be a breakout soon one way or the other.


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Do you thing Binance pair still leads the price of xrp or which chart do you use for daytrading?

I'm leveraging on Bitfinex but monitoring price moves on tradingview. It used to be easier when Binance was n°1 volume for XRP now with all these unknown exchanges leading Idk

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Yessss, it getting even better now.

So we have XRPBTC LONGS (bitfinex) going crazy on the greens. *remark, I ONLY LOOK at bitfinex. But still, volume is too high and will kill every short.

Then we have XRPUSD going in a massive pennant. Also a falling wedge. Both give very bullish signs.

How I think this will play out?? I think we will see a BTC going to 4200, followed by XRP 0.84. But all honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if we see ATH before the summer,


please, please no trading advise. But if you want a good reason to hold over the next two weeks, you have it here!!

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