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What about Allvor on the XRP Ledger?


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16 hours ago, Allvor said:

Hello, it is not possible for a third party to issue an ALV linked to the Allvor account. You can issue an ALV linked to your account, but this is not an Allvor:
1. You will not be able to negotiate this ALV on the XRP Ledger DEX along with the ALVs from the Allvor project.
2. You also can not deposit such an ALV on Criptohub.
3. And you can only make a payment on Allvor Pay with ALV from the Allvor project.
Thank you!

Which Allvor issuing account is the correct account?

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15 hours ago, EcneitapLatnem said:

Good to hear from you Allvor and thank you for explaining that.... there is much confusion regarding your project... personally, I am rooting for you as I have several ALV from your airdrop to XRP hodlers... Are you (ALV) finally on an exchange? I know  you were supposed to be on that exchange in Brazil but that kept getting pushed back... and back... and back... I eventually stopped following updates.... at any rate, what exchanges is Allvor actively listed on?

Thank you!

Hello EcneitapLatnem,
Thanks for your message.
We are on the Criptohub Exchange, see here: https://criptohub.com.br/en/
We have other conversations going on, but this is always a long process.
Thank you!

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14 hours ago, rootvegetable said:

What about this account rJjwHdcM8NrHJicL8JTscZSeFdHF3JvJsZ? It has 100B issued ALV.

An issue in the XRP Ledger involves two accounts: an account that "generates" the issue and another account that "buys" the issue. This account was the account that "generated the issue". And the account I reported in the previous post was the account that "bought the issue."

And we adopted the account that "bought the issue" to be Allvor's operating account.

In any case, no one is able to generate ALV linked to these two accounts.

The hash of this transaction is here: https://bithomp.com/explorer/2C099AA95B4F8F0C091F968EDC3ACCBEC979DA096805ED01C6F391DDAF148A97

Thank you!

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