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Hi, how can I update to Toast Wallet 2.5.8?


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YES @Flintstone Educate is :viannen_89:Read the link @Brook before you do anything and be shure to back-up and other measure that have to take.
Like this very important issue.


I've forgotten my PIN and my passphrase and I didn't write down my recovery phrase.
Unfortunately since all your data is kept on your device and encrypted using your passphrase and recovery phrase there is no way to recover from losing both phrases. This is why writing down your recovery phrase is important. There's nothing we can do from our end to fix this situtation for you. We don't have access to your data or funds. Please don't contact support asking us to change your passphrase and offering identity documents -- we can't do anything with this information.


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@zenkert Hey mate. Hope all is well. Seem to be coming across the problem below quite often lately:


I deleted the Toast Wallet app from my device but I still have the recovery phrase, how do I get my accounts back?

You need to have made a backup before you deleted the app, using the settings menu option. Toast Wallet does NOT deterministically generate addresses from the recovery phrase. Some other wallets may operate this way but Toast Wallet does not.
For absolute clarity: in order to recover a Toast Wallet backup you need: the backup code and either your passphrase OR your recovery code for that wallet.

So, if you lose your phone or delete the app without doing a backup of your Toast wallet, your funds are lost.

I highly recommend creating a key-pair (paper wallet) first, then importing that into Toast wallet.

At least that way, if you don’t make a backup and lose your phone/app, you can still access your XRP with your secret key via any other wallet.

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@Flintstone Heye there bro! I´m fine. Hope you to :d_sunny:

Yeah. This has been a general issue for a long time and still will, not just for the Toast Wallet, but all Wallets.
It is a educational issue that´s really hard to solve.

In app or wallet info about the hazards of not doing the proper back-up, is poor, and many times somewhat misleading, especially for a newb regarding the proper way to really be safe and sound if the unexpected happens. Or if the USER causes it by their own, which is much more often the case.

IMHO it is the responsebility of the USER to do inform themselves and act accordingly.

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