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Transaction Query: Filter by destination tag fails (not implemented?)

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Or, I'm doing it wrong.


The documentation says


Get Account Payments

Retrieve a payments for a specified account

Request Format


GET /v2/accounts/{address}/payments

This method requires the following URL parameters:

  • Field  |  Value  |  Description
    • address  |  String  |  XRP Ledger address to query.

Optionally, you can provide the following query parameters:

  • Field  |  Value  |  Description
    • start  |  String - Timestamp  |  Filter results to this time and later.
    • end  |  String - Timestamp  |  Filter results to this time and earlier.
    • type  |  String  |  Type of payment - sent or received.
    • currency  |  String - Currency Code  |  Filter results to specified currency.
    • issuer  |  String - Address  |  Filter results to specified issuer.
    • source_tag  |  Integer  |  Filter results to specified source tag.
    • destination_tag  |  Integer  |  Filter results to specified destination tag.
    • limit  |  Integer  |  Maximum results per page. The default is 200. Cannot be more than 1,000.
    • marker  |  String  |  Pagination key from previously returned response.
    • format  |  String  |  Format of returned results: csv or json. The default is json.

Response Format

A successful response uses the HTTP code 200 OK and has a JSON body with the following:

  • Field  |  Value  |  Description
    • result  |  String  |  The value success indicates that this is a successful response.
    • count  |  Integer  |  The number of objects contained in the payments field.
    • marker  |  String  |  May be omitted) Pagination marker.
    • payments  |  Array of payment objects  |  All payments matching the request, sorted with oldest first


So, while it doesn't (seem to) return the destination tags, it is implied that we can filter by destination tag.

Querying an address without a filter is successful. I know the address has destination tags of the value I want to filter because they be seen using 'GET /v2/accounts/{address}/transactions'.

Specifying the destination_tag=<integer> 'succeeds' with;



Has anyone tried this and/or got it to work?

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Maybe I misunderstood your issue, but this works for me:


Just a quick lookup of Jeds sales / how much he cashed out recently at Bitstamp.

The documentation also states the following:


Payment Objects

In the Data API, a Payment Object represents an event where one account sent value to another account. This mostly lines up with XRP Ledger transactions of the Payment transaction type, except that the Data API does not consider a transaction to be a payment if the sending Account and the Destination account are the same, or if the transaction failed.

Maybe your source and destination address are the same and therefore the api does not display the payments?

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Added info about payment objects

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