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Answer: My Dinner with David


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52 minutes ago, Cryptsycrackers said:

You probably mentioned before, but I haven't had time to read anywhere near all this new information.

Was wondering since you think XRP will moon, at some point whenever that is, what your definition of moon actually is?

Read moar! :)

I'm going to talk about that when I finish the "my price thread" shortly. (I hope)

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13 minutes ago, Truckdriver said:

@BobWay I think Diliop Rao is incredible as a speaker , he is all class and do not hear enough from him. A true example of "cream of the crop". It's hard for him to shine when he is surrounded by star's.

He is a great friend of mine. I worked closely with him on trade finance in Singapore. He also built an amazing team in Sydney. The are truly spectacular!

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5 hours ago, ixb2454 said:

I am a little bit surprised that you talked like that with competitors. If ripple is not 5 years ahead, i would see that as a serious problem.

The funny thing is that the XRP Ledger (formerly Ripple Ledger) were not and are not competitors. They simply don't do the same thing at all. In fact they are completely complementary.

  • The XRP (Ripple) Ledger is an accounting system that executes multi-party atomic (rippling) payments.
  • SWIFT is a secure reliable email system between bank. The messages just tell the banks how they should so the accounting.

Swift works great for what it does. Messaging. They say they've never lost a message and I believe them. The problem is with the sequential nature of the messages. This causes different banks to do their internal accounting at different times. If some forget or fail to do their part, the end-to-end payment fails. But in reality, this failure has ZERO to do with swift.

What I wanted to do was let SWIFT continue to be the end-to-end messaging layer. This allows every bank along the chain to decide if they want to participate in a payment. Once everyone agrees, the Ripple (XRPL) then makes sure that NO ONE can screw up the accounting. Atomic means, everyone or no one.

So you can see, it would have been a beautiful partnership. I really can't see how I f***ed that up. Sorry Ripple. Mea Culpa

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