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I just announced a new project that I hope will educate more people than me just trying to write a book. I hope everyone will take a look at my announcement, and if you are interested in helping out please send me an email. As we develop new material, I'll be posting it here in the club for open discussion.



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Good morning everyone!

Chris and I had a great time with family yesterday. I hope y'all had a great day as well!

  • I have a lot of posts and emails to respond to this morning.
  • In the late afternoon I'm going to go meet-up with some of the Houston XRP Community at Rice University.  If you are local, please join us! 

If you are a study group member, please:

Once I've answered all my personal correspondence, I'm going to create some other organizational threads. I'd like to solicit your help in working through the remaining open topics.

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Today I’m working on splitting the topics I want to present into six sessions. I’ll post the list for your comment soon. I have a nagging suspicion it might take at least eight sessions. We’ll just have to see.

Day 1: I know what I want to share first. It is going to involve everyone setting up address on the test net, issuing fiat currency, creating a market and then sending cross currency fiat to fiat payments to each other. I consider these foundational concepts. They are easy to “think you understand” but to actually internalize them requires hands on practice.

For us to be able to do that, I’m going to have to evaluate and choose a good teaching wallet for the class to use. That will be my next big personal project.


While I’m doing that, I’d like it if everyone else could contribute to and help work out the answers to these issues.


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So I’m done evaluating client software and planning what I want to share. I’ve also setup a bunch of demonstration accounts on the test net. 

I have a decent deck for the first session. I may add a couple of animations to it tomorrow just for clarity.

So really, all that is left is to pick a date and time to get started. I can’t wait to see what y’all have come up with.

I’m hoping we can work out a plan with two sessions each week about 12 hours or so opposite each other. That way, hopefully everyone will be able to find an acceptable time to participate live.

If we do those two sessions about 2 days apart, then those that want to can review the material from the first session prior to attending the second.

I’m going to start a couple of new threads so we’ll have a place to discuss the season details. I say a couple because I’m going to put some “back story” material into a Session 0 thread. I think many people will already know that material, but for those who don’t it should be helpful in setting context for Session 1.

If anyone has time, I’m going to do some Zoom.us conferencing software testing tomorrow to make sure I’m prepared. I’ll post when and where in this thread and on Twitter.

I’m hoping we can target a Session 1 date of Monday or early next week. I’d actually like to start earlier, but this is the one week of the year I seem to have booked up.

  • Tuesday: Medical scan
  • Wednesday: Medical scan
  • Thursday: Baton Rouge XRP Meetup
  • Friday: New Orleans (Birthday)
  • Sunday: Mother’s Day
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I’m going to abuse my mod privilege here to post in your thread and speak for all of us how delighted we are that you are ok.  

Welcome back Bob but please don’t overdo it...  steady as she goes mate.   :JC_doubleup:

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