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List: The Voices in Bob’s Head


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I've had an amazing few days. Simply off the hook. So many new ideas to talk about. I wrote down 20 new bullet points in my notebook from my lucid dream alone.

But today I'm going to read and comment on everything I haven't been able to read in the past couple of days. Then I'll get started on the backlog from the original "Hi, I'm Bob!" thread.

Sorry it is taking so long to get caught up. I had no idea this club would be 600+ members in just a few days!  Thank you so much! It makes me realize what a debt I already owe to all of you!

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If you want to follow along and make sure you don't miss anything I post. You can see my forum activity here. @Flintstone reminds me that there is a follow button on my profile. Press that and you'll get notifications when I post. I edited the top post so those new to the forum will see that. I also locked this to the top for the moment. I don't know any way to mark threads that I've replied in recently. But I will attempt to use the prefix "Answer:" to mean that I have written something in the thread that responded to a particular forum user's question. If anyone knows of a better method please PM me or discuss in "Chat: General".

The introduction thread has so many great posts that it really warms my heart!  I read everyone. I've tried not to respond in there because I don't want it to become a chat thread. I think it is awesome the way it is. Some of you have asked questions there. Please feel free to ask those in "Chat: General" or to PM me if you like to talk privately.

I've pinned "List: Most Impactful Things You've Learned" to the top at least for today. Because that is the most important thread in the forum to me! :) Please keep letting me know what was impactful to you personally. That is the fuel I need to keep me going.


Today I'm going to reminisce less and move on to talking about the immediate future. So what is this book all about? Expect that to be the next major thread that I create. I'm pivoting a little in my ideas and I want to see if any of you get excited about it.

I'll also try to pick a question or two out of the backlog of unanswered questions. Please like your favorites so I get to them first.

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6 minutes ago, BobWay said:

When I get home I want do dig into that great list of wallets and find one we can all work some examples on.

Like,  for instance, sending a bunch of XRP to tinyaccounts wallet?   Heck yeah....    :) 


Please note:  my posting here is a blatant abuse of my fortunate position as club creator....   :) 

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