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Answer: XRP Price


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On 3/13/2019 at 11:49 PM, XRPVenture said:

Do you think Ripple has any incentive or ability to hold or maintain the price of XRP around the .30 .31 level?

As David has said, Ripple the company would benefit from a higher price but has no means to control it.

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10 hours ago, Sukrim said:

Why measure price mainly in USD at all if you can compare it to e.g. BTC or ETH - which are at least in the same asset class? Comparing to US Dollars, bushels of wheat or grams of illegal drugs doesn't really make sense and these are arbitrary, free floating values anyways that are influenced by very different events or developments.

Actually, that is the way I see it too. It is the metric I'll use to judge my success in educating people about XRP and Ripple.

Specifically, it XRP breaks its correlation with the other coins I'll consider myself succeeding. Because I'm speculating that breakout will initially be because of "basket" speculators, changing their bets to all in on Ripple. And I hope my efforts here, in the immediate future, will be at least partially the cause. See. Hodor is wrong. I'm vain.

(That's why I have a vanity blog. I'm vain. Full of myself enough to think someone might read it.)


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18 minutes ago, GoodTimesRoll said:

If XRP is to serve as a bridge currency for international payments, the immediate logic points to stability as a needed mechanism. Then, what factor(s) require the XRP price/value to rise and how?

Can someone help him find his way to what I've posted on that subject? I know it is in at least two places. But I guess I need better thread titles.

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