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Chat: Possible failure scenarios

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23 minutes ago, HereIAm23 said:

To add my two cents to No. 2.  Your statement about what David Swartz said reminded me that 20% of the Population owns 80% of the Assets.  I don't recall the name of how this works,

Not sure it relates to assets but equally no reason it wouldn't, paretos law or principle I believe it's usually called or the 80/20 rule

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2 hours ago, ixb2454 said:


Here is what i find as a threat to xrp:

1) I am afraid if ripple long term strategy was the right one in terms of developing it only as bridge currency since it was superior to btc. 

Without infrastructure and legal framework it does not work... As infrastructure develops, there might be better, faster, more decentralized coins than xrp

2) xrp Distribution, ripple is keeping too much of xrp and creators individually as well... Xrp needs more purposes than serving only as bridge currency

3) competition and Jed Mccaleb especially 

4) settling remittances with stable coin makes much more sense 

5) xrp has already served its purpose for ripple and founders, 20 bn usd in escrow is more than enough money for whatever you want to do in future... I dont believe you are motivated as you used to be before... 

6) i dont expect another bull run for speculation. People have learned the lesson (i have not lol)... And we are far away from utility


You should probably go apply for Brad's job since you think Ripple doesn't know what they're doing. Everyone of your points are ridiculous to anyone that actually knows anything about XRP.  

And Jed?  Bwahahaha. :sarcastic: nice try.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for all of your responses. 

Yesterday there was an interview online with David Schwartz. I have really enjoyed it a lot, he is fantastic, brilliant mind really and i recommend you all to see it. 

-Regarding Brad Garlinghouse, he said that 1 major bank will use xrp until the end of 2018. You can say whatever you want about him but he was hyping and i dont like it... as well as him talking about "taking a flight with suitcases full of money" for 2 years. I apologize for my desire to hear more about ripple progress. 

Ripple doesnt really say much about their projects, news and communication can be much better. In the end this is the reason why Bob is here.

- Ripple is solving settlements, not payments. Payments are years ahead of settlements. 

-I personally see Jed Mccalleb is a threat. He is obviously an expert in different areas and all of his work and projects confirm that. He did not receive most xrp for a pretty face... 

- motivation... in general people are more motivated when they have nothing. I agree with you that many people are involved, etc... But how many people are working for ripple? 200? Cmon, this project is changing the world, it is potentialy most significant change in the history of the mankind and 200 people involved through ripple is nothing for that scope. Also, check out ripple youtube channel. They post rarely but look at the interviews and ripple drop episodes- i dont care really about London office interior. I want to hear about news, project, what the hell is going on and why nobody is using xrapid... 

- there Will be a next bull run for sure simply because as you have said 95% of people dont know about crypto and in the last bull run, many were not involved since the process of buying crypto was too complicated and risky, long verifications, there were no xrp/usd eur pairs... Etc... 

- regarding ripple vision...

If something is working great for you, it  is lucrative, why to change it? 

Banks are the institutions that are least likely to change. Financial world is the least likely to change and yet is the most powerful... changing the unchangable... Was changing the unchangable the best approach? I am not really sure... Was there another way? I dont l know honestly but i know that ripple's way is one with danger all around... And i am asking questions here to ask what do others thimk about that... 

Also, regarding Brad Garlinghouse... Yahoo and AOL failed to be no. 1 and i want ripple be no. 1 so please dont hate for asking logical questions... 

Also, Xrp is better than btc for so many reasons and if there was decent infrastructure (crypto exchanges with minimal comissions, ATM's), people would already use xrp all around the world and western union, PayPal would already be history. Banks can afford comissions, fees, etc-they charge it to their clients. Many people around the world can not afford these fees and i would like ripple to solve that problem as well, simply because they can... 

I really believe that David Schwartz wants a better world but 99% people want better world for themselves and this is why progress and changes take a lot of time and sometimes dont even make it. See Nikola Tesla and his inventions as an example... 

There is no FUD about Ripple but only about xrp... I would have bought stock rather than coin but it is what is... 

Have a nice weekend guys. 


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Hi again, folks! Thanks for all your intelligent discussion on this, it's very much appreciated. I'm so used to r/ripple where people scream "FUD!" at the slightest provocation...

@BobWay, I'd love to hear you weigh in with your thoughts. I think you're the most qualified to raise further contrary viewpoints and address those already voiced, the intention of this thread was to give you a platform to do so!

Please do remember to be kind to each other, folks, we're all on this journey together. Pursuing objectivity through education is an awesome thing! :D

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I think there are two basic strategies for winning battles; Attack and Defence

If you attack at the right time you annihilate the enemy, do it at the wrong time against robust defence you annihilate your own army

If you build strong defences and never go out of your castle you get surrounded and smothered.

Ripple have built extremely strong foundations, IBM and JPM coin are attempting to smash their way against its walls.  I can't see them inflicting defeat on Ripple/XRP's superiority as a bridging currency.  Ripple is not sitting inside the safely of their castle; through XPring, Coil and investments in exchanges and market makers they are aggressively out there on the plains building foundations for more strongholds.  It is a well balanced strategy and quite frankly I cannot see anything smothering what they have started or inflicting much harm on the progress they are making expanding their strengths  across a broader front.

There will be other success stories but Ripple are positioning themselves and XRP to be the Google of the IoV.

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