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New blog post by JoelKatz - What are blockchains good for?

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Posted (edited)

   Thanks for the post. The last paragraph bothers me a bit, but I think that is because I'm having trouble deciphering exactly what he means. It sounds like that since blockchain is a new technology the resources available are inhibiting progress and as a result a bunch of coins are being produced to solve various problems, as investment capital in the projects are negligible. Maybe what he is getting at is that most blockchain applications don't need a token to solve the problem that they are solving and as a result it is a mess. Maybe xrp is ok since it is directly dealing with fiat currency.

    Please feel free to add what you think or dissect what I've said. Either my brain isn't working this morning or maybe and more likely it just never has :)

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Incomplete thoughts edited to more incomplete thoughts.

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