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Chat: What is the plan? (Step by Step)


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I often engage in conversations with friends and family surrounding XRP. It would be really useful to be able to reference the step by step road map of where Ripple plan to take XRP and who the key players in this journey are. It would also be useful to understand how xpring fits into the plan. Thank you to anyone who could help in this regard in advance. :)

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I'm going to add this to the topic list. I have lots to say, but not enough time to respond now. Also I think I need to lay a better foundation for my answer by more clearly describing the financial ecosystem. Most people don't understand how money moves now very clearly. So its hard to describe changes when we don't have a common understanding of what Ripple is attempting to change.

But until I think of something coherent to say. Please feel free to discuss the topic here. I'd like to read how everyone else sees Ripple roadmap. That will let me spot "misconceptions" that I can address when I write about it.


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I have some thoughts about "Ripple roadmap" from some finding  within XRP community, but I am not sure how up to date they are @BobWay 

 13:23   The way we see it playing out:

ACH network build on top Ripple

ACH payment Ripple for fund transfer

FPS England written on top Ripple Mexico



Blockchain Technology Adoption 2017 (Everis ntt data) 




Then we have all of these Banking Software Companies which have which can connect to  RippleNet; CGI, Temenos T24, SAP HANA, TAS Group, Volante, Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), finastra  (please note the list is not complete, just a few out of my head) When will all of these Banking Software Companies be going live I don't have a clue (well maybe a little speculation!) maybe this year is to "connect". However from an outsider's view Ripple are making progress and the others R3/SBI.  So in my eyes the road map looks like its going very, well thats my take @Jtxrp I am sure other members of the community will have much to add. 



Yoshitaka Kitao “Top 20 Global Banks Will Be Using XRP in 2019”  will that be true time will tell :clapping:


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Regarding ILP...   I found it very interesting one time in a video that Stefan and Chris were saying they eventually realised it was needed in order to get to XRP as the worlds bridging currency.  

He said that they created it,  then sat on for nearly a year while they teased out all the implications...  it might for instance have been bad for XRP.  They were seriously concerned, and so they didn’t release it until they were certain it was both necessary and beneficial.

All of that is my recollection...  I could be wrong about parts of it.

So to me it was further proof that the roadmap is well thought out,  that the folk at Ripple REALLY want XRP to be TheStandard,  and that everywhere we see a ILP connection it’s a good thing for us XRP holders.

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