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Chat: The Best Ripple Wallet?

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Over the past few days I've setup some example ledger configurations and done a bunch of client testing. My goal was to find the best client to teach with. I'm going to presume that everyone I'm teach

We have a "wallet"  https://bithomp.com/tools/ opensourced, can be downloaded and used offline.  we also have a page which you can open from the phone and submit signed transactions by scani

https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ it's open source: https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet it uses the ripple-lib, you can download it, move to offline computer, and start it there

A paper wallet is pretty simple, you just print out your secret on paper. The long bit of gibberish that begins with an 's'. Then put that paper where NOBODY is going to find it.

You can also do some other variant like putting it on a thumb drive or SD card. You can encrypted it first if you want. I would do both, paper and thumb drive.

What does everyone else do?

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1 hour ago, Flintstone said:

@RareData I need to test drive xrp toolkit. I know Hodor is a fan although he doesn’t give recommendations.

You might be interested in the XRP Toolkit roadmap: https://gitlab.com/xrptoolkit/xrptoolkit-client

I really appreciate user suggestions and feedback, feel free to reach out afterwards.

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