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Answer: Wen Moon?


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8 minutes ago, BobWay said:

Anything you have heard from the company in the past has likely been more situation specific. You need a lot of flexibility in bootstrapping a new network.

What I've posted is a tool for coherent growth. It is one of the arrows in Ripple's quiver in fighting to establish RippleNet as the dominant solution.

In the "Hi, I'm Bob!" forum someone posted a link.

I believe this is the link he's referring to. 


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3 hours ago, DucPeter said:

@BobWay Thanks for your answer, but excuse me for not putting my question clear enough. What I actually meant was: would you consider 'short term' to be a matter of weeks, months or even a few years? And when do we run into 'long term'?

I can't justify a strict definition of short or long term. Those are really "weasel words" aren't they. Thanks for calling me on them and everyone else should feel free to do so as well. When called on a term gives me a chance to reflect on what I really mean.

So when I say, "short term", upon reflection, I think the best concrete definition is roughly "in the next year or so". Unfortunately, in my head that is a rolling term. If you as me the same thing in six months, I'm still thinking "in the next year or so". I'm absolutely never thinking "in the next six months obviously, didn't I say in the next year, six months ago?"

So yes, still weasel words. But maybe slightly less weaselly.

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2 hours ago, liquid153 said:

Has there been push back from potential customers or shall we say non-believers when you mention the efficiency of using XRP for xborder payments that their reply is "We use USD for xborder payments, because it is already liquid."

No it's not really like that. More like, "my department is already making a bunch of money doing thing the way we do now." I read some sub-text beneath that, that sounds in my head like, "if I change things, and we end up making less money, then I might get fired."  Now I never actually hear people say that, but people are people.

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22 minutes ago, Odiseo said:

I believe that Ripple is way ahead on the international transfers use case, but I think mainly regulation has slowed them down.

If regulation keeps stoping Ripple's tech from been used by banks, that could give enough time for competitors to catch up.

Do you think that discussing one of their possible strategies, even though it is in an open patent, could give competitors like IBM or Facebook an extra advantage?

I see it a little differently, Silicon Valley startups are very "move fast and break things" and also very "It's easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission"

So wasting time doing a bunch of research on how to jump through hoops seems silly when you have a limited time to get things done. In retrospect, in certain cases, the old school strategy of "measure twice and cut once" would have ended up more efficient when measuring total elapse time.

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