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List: Most Impactful Things You've Learned


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I've written a lot of words on this forum. I'd like your feedback on what really made a difference in your understanding. I'll use your feedback to guide which topics to focus on first. Please try not to add duplicates, but please do "like" topics others have mentioned.

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My favorite thing I have learned is that nothing has monetary value (including our ideas) unless it is liquid. I am just as facinated by your personal philosophies as I am the XRP information that you have provided. Very rare for me to feel reading a thread in a forum has expanded my character, but your posts have done just that. 

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Hi Bob,

Everything you have said and done so far has made a tremendous impact. for me though the biggest impact is you being able to tell it as it is, no BS, no marketing speak!

Also the thing that strikes me most about Ripple employees and ex employees, it seems you all have great moral compasses and you are doing whats right, not what will make you a boat load of money at other peoples expenses. I don't know if that is by design or not but product, people and mission all seem to be on-point!

Keep up the good work my friend, it is appreciated more than you will ever know :)

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I have learned so much about the initial vision and design of the XRPL, and how Ripple's business model is so multifaceted and plans to take advantage of this new layer on top of the OSI\TCPIP model.  Quite frankly we are looking at the birth of a new IoV Internet Overlay.  May be in the tech books in 10 - 20 years.  Exciting times, thanks for sharing and keep it coming.

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Besides the immense benefits coming from "liquidity on demand", "instant cross-border settlements", etc. of xRapid, which I already knew,

I discovered the massive simplification of bureaucratic burdens coming to the structure of banking thanks to xRapid for what concerns rules and regulations.

This post of yours has been eye-opening for me:



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Most Impactful Thing I have Learned, is not to worry about the price of XRP. Does Ripple worry about the price of XRP I don't think so. So why should I. Ripple have planned everything out. The more Ripple/others build in return more value will be added to the ecosystem. 



There is always a plan ✌️  "B" ✌️  Option available if needed, for net upward pressure on the price of XRP which will help Ripple in the points above ☝️


"So I'll leave you with something that just might make your head explode. But I'll have to say this very carefully using words that I've already heard authorized Ripplers say in public. Hopefully, that will keep me out of trouble...

It's conventional wisdom that the one thing you can't do by giving away an asset like XRP--is make its price go up

Except one day, a while back, Stefan proposed a concept in which it might... 

I was quite reticent to believe it. It seemed intuitively impossible, much like you are thinking now. So I sat down to analyze it. And analyze it. And analyze it... And in the end I concluded his exact proposal was wrong. It was likely to put downward pressure on the prices of XRP.

But, Stefan wasn't very wrong. In fact, using his proposal as a starting place, I tweaked the parameters and intermediate goals and came up with a mechanism that I'm completely convinced will work. It leads to a net upward pressure on the price of XRP...

..and Ripple and I received a patent for it.

Now I don't speak for the company so I can't say if they'll ever deploy the system. I can't say they won't either. But I can say that I know at least one method exists that defies the above conventional wisdom." 





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Most impactful thing I’ve learnt - Hatred, FUD on a project to please certain groups, false propaganda for dubious benefits, baseless arguments are all LOUD but WILL die eventually infront of facts and true worth.

A few examples I’ve seen personally that helped me realize that:

1. Xrp will never reach $1 - I saw it reach > $3

2. Coinbase has rules that restrict listing of XRP - coinbase updated rules

3. Coinbase will never list XRP - bye bye Fudders

4. Banks wont use xrp - yeah lol

5. XRP is centralized - most decentralized ecosystem out there, and now the fud shifted to centralized “supply”

Fudders are losing and are no longer able to save face.



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