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List: Potential Book Chapters / Topics


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Thank you to everyone who submitted topics. They are all great.

I'm hoping to enlist a partner to help me wrangle them into a coherent plan. Feel free to volunteer!

Something coherent like the awesome list in the above post.

On 3/14/2019 at 1:57 PM, 7Bs said:

Chapter 1- Vancouver...

...11- The Future (And How to Prevent an In-Game Token Debt Crisis)


That matches many of the point I put on my own timeline drawing. 


Think of that as a preview of my next thread.

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On 3/12/2019 at 6:34 AM, Xrpetergriffin said:

The history of money, in the context that ‘money’ was not always government issued currency and that assets of many types were exchanged. We live in a time where government issued currency is what we believe ‘money’ is. 

Listening to Bob's you tube video interviews, I am beginning to understand that this is the fundamental change of crypto.   Money will cease to exist.  The whole system is to take something of value that I own and returning something else of value - there is no more "money" if I don't want to use it.  The internet moved data, this new financial system will override centralized & disparate accounting to a new global distributed accounting system, it will be fair, efficient, trusted, unbiased and global.  So many questions.  How are the physical pathways moving the goods of value going to be upgraded/changed to handle this change?  Will IOT have to build a new system on top of the new financial system to move physical resources in an efficient manner just like the interledger protocol (do I have the wrong protocol?) or how the box container changed the shipping industry is doing?  Can it do this on the ledger already?  New business opportunities just in routing physical property in new ways?  New physical infrastructure?  I am still not clear on my ideas.  How will governments try to control this system in the future as they will lose a lot more control than they my realize now.  Will this whole system change create a whole new economy - Digitial/AI/IOT vs human based? The ideas in my head are a mess.  I am sorry if anyone read this post.  

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