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List: Potential Book Chapters / Topics


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as per zerpdiggers comment I'd love to know more & hear/read stories about the people involved. Sure we're all XRP geeks here who love the ins & outs of the system & potentials, BUT unless you are writing a info book you really need some life & stories about the folks involved to make it more than a study book for folks on a blockchain courses at uni in the future......IMO. Your book & call of course

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R3 And Ripple .

How much integration is there between he two companies ?

What is the likliehood that R3 Corda will use XRP outside of Japan where R3 are partnered with SBI ? 


EDIT this has posted in wrong section; not meant to be chapter suggestion. Apologies 

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Chapter 1- Vancouver

2- San Francisco 

3- The Split

4- The Pivot

5- Gateways, Trustlines, and Friends

6- The world takes notice


8- The Big Three/Products

9- The Bull

10- The Bear

11- The Future (And How to Prevent an In-Game Token Debt Crisis)

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