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Ripple Data API - Get Single Validator Reports method changed?


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I'm running XRPL validator (validator.rippled.eu). At the same address I created simple page with history of my validator where can I quickly check state of my validator (e.g. missed validations).

Previously, data were updated almost immediately, but now there're no real time data. You can see just yesterday and older results.


To retrieve data I'm sending POST request to https://data.ripple.com/ server (https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/validators/nHBmJuwMPRh2mLrYhUdFHNKrZ3cwXEkiGAKXESM4mDvQKMF8WAp7/reports?format=json&descending=true)

Same results can be seen on XRP Charts.


I didn't find any information about the change in Get Single Validator Reports method. Is it possible to retrieve real time data about total / missed validations ratio as it was a few days ago?

Thank you.

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