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CryptoLinks (https://cryptolinks.com) lists the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency sites. All listed sites are tested, safe and sorted by quality. Find all the best bitcoin and crypto sites on the internet at one place from btc to usd exchanges, wallets, bitcoin price trackers to all the info’s related to mining, we reviewed and analyzed every site.

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I clicked through - no affiliate links and no ads. Seems legit. Anyone have a different view? I've edited the opening post as I don't like embedded links for something like this from a 1-poster.

@Cryptolinks Hi Nate - do you think you can sort out the XRP related links on the site please? I couldn't find this humble forum on your page and it only seems right that members here can find XRP related material rather than being buried at the bottom of the alphabetic drop-down menus (or off the page completely).

XRP represents one of the top 3 cryptomarkets so you should make info related to it more prominent on your site. There seems to be a few free slots to add XRPChat on the main banner for this page: https://cryptolinks.com/cryptocurrency-forum

Thanks! :)

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Thanks, @Cryptolinks, it seems that you put some time into this.  

Just curious, how did you determine the rankings?  For example, what determines that Coinbase is #2 as an exchange, while Gemini is #22, itBit is #55, and Kraken is #12?  Not meant as criticism as much as information-seeking...Appreciated!  


Also, on your site, I entered "XRP" in the search, and got: "There are no results."  Seems odd to me. 


Edited by Sharkey
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