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Re-keyed account


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Not going to lie, I've been messing about with a wallet without due care trying to get a codius host working as the payment channels just would not work.

I ended up rekeying the wallet, the new secret key it gave me is almost twice the length of the original and doesn't appear to be valid, the original only half works now as the Master key is disabled

is there any way to fix this or has I got a duff key? Not going to loose sleep if this wallet never returns however id rather not throw some xrp away if its recoverable

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I was using this https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/

to manage the wallet and pressed rekey which has generated a longer key, I can still connect to the wallet in using the above tool or this one http://ripplerm.github.io/ripple-wallet/

and the original key, but the longer key doesn't appear to be valid

I'm using a mixture of browser tools, windows 10 or centos

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