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10 hours ago, BeSeriousXRP said:

But fact remain that XRP doesn't move on her own. It's 100% coupled to Bitcoin, has no utility whatsoever and no significant bank is using it. Actually nobody actually uses XRP otherwise we would have seen some volume by now.

BTW: I own more XRP than the majority here.

XRP has a gender now ? It's a she ? How cute meow download-1.jpg

And I agree with @dr_ed on all points.

XRP utility is in the cooking right now, but don't wait for it to happen this year.

You should rather concentrate on how the current cycle is turning out, and when the next phase will kick in (accumulation phase), provided that we are still in a speculative cycle, which makes sense to me.

People use XRP, but not on the scaling you wish it to be. I too would like gigantic XRP pools all over the place, thousands of corridors with massive flows of XRP channeled 24/7/365. I am crazy enough to believe it will happen eventually, but this is not what I am focusing on right now.

I will observe Ripple, XRP and all its ecosystem grow with a passion, but for now I am more in a speculating mode regarding the second half of our current cycle (which I believe would end in 2021).

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