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Form Letter to Send to Your US Rep to Support HR 7356 (Token Taxonomy Act)


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Love this, @LittleLordFauntleroy and thanks for the link, as well.  I was able to find the contact for our representative and was able to send it by email.  I added a few edits to your form letter, in case anyone wants to consider the few additional sentences.  Here's mine, which was super easy to send!  


As you may be aware, there is a bill that soon will be introduced by Reps. Warren Davidson and Darren Soto called “The Token Taxonomy Act - H.R. 7356.”  I strongly believe that it is in the best long-term interests of both (My state) and the United States to pass this bill, which would support the long-term growth and development of blockchain technology in the US.  Such a law would modernize the interpretation of vastly outdated Securities Laws of the 1930’s and would allow our regulatory environment to accommodate to our nation’s need to compete successfully with countries around the world in this rapidly growing segment of the economy.  

Countries like Japan, China, India, the UK, Switzerland, and Malta are moving quickly and diligently on blockchain regulation, putting the US at risk of falling behind in the race to be a leader in this revolutionary new technology.

Currently, the only state that seems to recognize the potential of regulating blockchain is Wyoming, and by so doing, it has already attracted major blockchain companies from outside the US to do business here at home.

You were recently elected based on your platform of representing the best interests of your constituents and bringing fresh hope to Washington, particularly in representing the citizens of our district.  I am counting on you to join Reps. Warren Davidson & Darren Soto in moving innovation forward in (My state). Blockchain technology has tremendous potential, and the US needs to lead this massively important technology moving forward.

Thank you.

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In each state of Wyoming, Rhode Island, Colorado cryptocurrency is not Securities.I think that is correct.:lol:


This flow will spread little by little.

Cryptocurrency is an important for expanding the business area to the whole world.




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The things people will do to try and become rich, all the while trying to convince others it's for the tech, some out dated law they knew nothing about until buying XRP and something about something of a poor black person in Africa. I just can't understand why some of you can't be honest about your motives.


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