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Hi! I'm Bob

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We certainly would never discourage anyone from using the XRPL's distributed exchange feature! I'm still a bit sad that our strategy lead us in a different direction and that we abandoned the nascent

Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum. Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the B

As promised, I didn't go to bed before finishing monstrosity. It is the delayed continuation of the post I left hanging here. Sorry for the delay. ----- I've had a long love/hate relationshi

Hey Bob,

Away for the week with my family and staying nearby Harlingen (Netherlands). Listening to some Alice in Chains an just checked in for some news. And you pop up. Thanx for contributing all this info. Nice to have some near-inside knowledge!

So for a question. I have two:

1. What do you think of all the XRP still in escrow? Will Ripple eventually burn some to speed up the process?

2. I haven't read everything, but why did you decide to contribute to this forum?

I'm going to put out the trash (yes, really)

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33 minutes ago, BobWay said:

This topic is really worth its own thread. If you are still interested in the topic, please create one and invite me to comment.

I don't think the internal exchange is a dead end and I don't think it will be removed. In fact it has some significant advantages over the current xRapid architecture. However explaining why takes more than a couple of sentences.

I'd love to hear more about this, but I would also love to see this "Hi! I'm Bob" topic grow a thousand pages long... It's a also a great title for your book!

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7 minutes ago, BobWay said:

I did some work on trade finance with the Singapore monetary authority while I was at Ripple. They are very forward thinking. I think it is public knowledge that Ripple opened an office in Singapore and they team there and it Sydney is awesome.

I can't say exactly what they are working on now because I really don't know.

In general I don't think there is any sensible way to mask anything that is happening on the XRP Ledger (to me it is still the Ripple Ledger, just a personal gripe.) In order to reach consensus, each node had to know about and process every transaction. Even if you aren't participating in the actual consensus proposal process, afterward every Ripple node still validates and applies every transaction. All of the rippled code is published on GitHub and all the ledger data structure as open and well known.

Now let's get to the fun part...

It is possible to spin up and run your own private network of "rippled nodes". You can do this for testing or any other reason. In fact, Ripple also runs a test net that anyone can use. There is/was a fountain to give you free testXRP to use on that network.

So, If you launch a new rippled based network, how do the new nodes know they aren't on the old network? What's to stop the new networks messages from making to the nodes on the existing network?

Well last I checked, nothing at all. It is up to the person laughing the new network operators to configure their own Unique Node Lists. And also to configure each node to use a different set of ports if they want to keep their messages strictly segregated.

So what happens if they don't?

Well it turns out nothing bad usually. Each network has a different UNL intersection and each set of validators has a unique ledger history (blockchain). So if a transaction from one network makes its way to the other, it will usually be recognized invalid and not rebroadcast. But that doesn't mean that it won't get logged.

I mentioned this to David a while back and we confirmed that messages from the test net were making their way to the main net on occasion, but that never caused a problem. David worked out a location in the existing message structure that he could use to configure a "network identifier" without crating a breaking change. I'm not sure if that ever got implement.


I really don't know if there is anything in particular going in in Singapore. But if you want to spin up rumors and conspiracy theories using speculation based on what I've written... Well I'd probably get as much of a hoot out of reading it as everyone else. Communities are supposed to be FUN!

thanks bob!  check this out in regards to singapore. 


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15 minutes ago, screenshot said:

That particular “Ripple Singapore” was an early gateway. I’m pretty sure they are no longer in operation.

I’d have to check the transaction log to see if that was a display glitch or a real TX.

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3 hours ago, RegalChicken said:

No, it's not a meme but it's quickly becoming one. The discussion of a hidden ledger(s) is running rampant as we question who may be already testing XRP based products at near production scale. Everyone in the community waits for the anticipated flipping of the switch which connects the menial $.31/xrp we see in public to the $50 / XRP that is actively being used in private already.  At which point, Microsofts 12,000 millionaires are dwarfed by XRP's billionaire community. 

We see glimpses of this possibility when we look back on dates like 9/20/2018 when the price doubled in about 10 minutes in a massive surge of volume, then tanked again. this action occurred ceremoniously three or four days in a row at basically the exact same time, almost as if a bank was running live tests at 4pm each day. 


What did you do at Ripple?

@BobWay I was hoping you might touch on this comment from earlier. 

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36 minutes ago, BobWay said:

That particular “Ripple Singapore” was an early gateway. I’m pretty sure they are no longer in operation.

I’d have to check the transaction log to see if that was a display glitch or a real TX.

thanks bob, would love your opinion on it.  looking forward to seeing what you find!

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51 minutes ago, Trendkill said:

@BobWay I was hoping you might touch on this comment from earlier. 

Not sure which part you mean?

I talked about what I did at Ripple here.

And I mentioned a way to rationalize the hidden ledger rumor here.

I can expand a little about David's comments in the this article. He was really talking about possibilities to shard the XRP ledger transactions via multiple private ledgers. We did a lot of internal research on consensus algorithms, sharing, and interoperating different types of value systems.

I don't think he was commenting directly on the question of a real hidden ledger, except to say, It’s hard to imagine what such a merger would look like. It would have to follow the rules of the public ledger." This is basically the same thing I said above.

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Thanks for taking the time here Bob, your thoughts are appreciated.

From your experiences what companies or governments do you think Ripple valued the most in terms of obtaining a working relationship with? Along the same lines what do you feel would be the most significant partnership for Ripple in terms of adoption of usage of xrp?

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