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Hi! I'm Bob


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5 hours ago, RegalChicken said:

an hour has passed since asking, did you switch to Bitcoin? 

fair disclosure, I own a few bitcoin and either as well. But the majority of my holdings are in XRP and Ripple stock.

2 hours ago, Vader-DeWelt said:

Robert is your aunt's husband.

There's even an Arthur in there somewhere. hilarious. AND twitter post by an a-type personality.


I don't know what this means?

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Hi Bob, best to you! I'm new here, but have had some XRP since Beta. I recently read someone on a crypto blog who loosely said "My Crypto coin (fill in whatever) will be/ have adoption by the big players, because no one will want to buy from a centralized company, like Ripple, but will want tokens priced on an open market" . To me this speaks of not understanding how companies work. Without giving #s, surely there are extant contracts from the small companies which have been in place since, say, the 2014 period to buy certain amounts of XRP, from Ripple Labs,  at set prices, if executed by some certain future date. Would my assumption be correct?

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18 hours ago, BobWay said:

Now enter Ripple with its built in exchange capability. Then add in the (deceptive) ease at starting a new USD gateway and Ripple's ability to end-to-end atomic payments from any currency to any currency. We managed to steal a lot of Coinbase's thunder and blurred their differentiators. Note: "deceptive" turned out to mean, easy technically, but impossible from a regulatory compliance perspective.

Are you saying here that the built in exchange capability is at a dead end? Do you expect this feature to be discontinued in a future release of the ledger software?

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Did people at Ripple after a discussion with various options (of which one was yours),  ever say:    “Ah feck it...  let’s do it the Bob Way!”    :) 

Or are there no Dads there to make crappy Dad jokes....    :) 

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