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Hi! I'm Bob


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29 minutes ago, 7Bs said:

It's in regards to Facebook possibly storing passwords on the blockchain. I have no tech background. I was just thinking about ways that could be done. As a random example, each letter, number, or character of every password would actually represent 30 other characters so a 5 letter password has 150 representations on a blockchain. And would those representations of the same password be able to alternate? And I'm also still learning what zero proofs do so this question is from that perspective.

You might want to have a separate discussion about this in the offtopic section here, or with a local cryptographer offline (e.g. check out who teaches cryptography courses at your local university). This is not easy to answer since the question itself does is not really consistent and just throws in a few buzzwords on top too.

For anyone reading this: Don't store data you might want to change or delete later and/or that you want to keep private on a blockchain. This is not the technology to use for this application.

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4 hours ago, Julian_Williams said:

Bob you have brought us a huge treasure trove of information and access to the inner thoughts of team Ripple.  Everyone has had a fair crack at the whip but the thread is becoming too long to follow and disparate.   May I suggest you choose a subject maybe once a week and limit your answers to that subject.  Then go on to the next subject.  It would be less work for you and easier for us to follow.



A Club is being set up,  so you have separate topic threads , as you've pointed out this thread is "too long to follow and disparate"  like a Mills and Boon novel really :D oh , disparate not desperate , my bad :newblush: . Anyway thanks to @Tinyaccount the club with some structure should be up and running shortly. 

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A few points that I'd appreciate your feedback on:

I'm hearing reports of it being a possibility that Ripple will give away XRP in the same way XLM was freely distributed.

I know you speak of a patented mechanism which enables this to increase the price of XRP, but how does giving people something for free (when others have already paid for their stacks) actually work?

People get given free XRP at 30 cents and then it's suddenly increasing in price and they get the benefit for no risk...?

Why would Ripple have a patent on increasing XRP price when they're making such a big deal about making it clear they're separate things?


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6 hours ago, BobWay said:

We both have great respect for what has worked for others. I'm not convinced the conventional type 2 diabetes medical advice is very effective.

Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge of Ripple and XRP.  I am going to attempt to return the favor.  :)    

I wish you the best in your health journey.  If you have not already, I would recommend checking out Virta Health.  They use the ketogenic diet (high fat, low carb) with their patients to reverse prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.  The diet is tailored to each specific patient as everyone has different carbohydrate tolerances and dietary preferences.  They have had some pretty good results.


Virta goes around to various Fortune 500 companies, such as the one I work for, and tell them half of their employees and employees' family members are either prediabetic or diabetic (which is true in America) which costs millions of dollars per year in complications, prescriptions, etc.  For a fixed fee Virta medical doctors, nurses, and nutritionists than work with the employees and/or their family members to transition them to a ketogenic diet with the end goal of reducing or reversing their diabetes which can save the company millions.

I have severe peripheral neuropathy from an adverse prescription drug reaction many years ago, and have found the ketogenic diet very beneficial.  I consume around 75 grams of carbohydrates per day.  Regardless of culture, most diets consume at least 150 grams of carbohydrates per day.  If I were to regularly consume anywhere near that, in the long run I would likely face some sort of amputation similar to @CaptainHook's brother (not to mention nonstop burning pain in my extremities).

Unfortunately, I do not qualify for the Virta program through my employer and am unwilling to pay the $6,000 annual membership fee.  :D  However, they have a lot of good online resources on their blog and YouTube channel.  Most of what they discuss I already knew as I have been on a ketogenic diet for years and have read extensively on the benefits and risks but Virta has brought it all together and explained it in an easy to understand manner.

In addition to prediabetes and diabetes, the ketogenic diet has been clinically proven to treat epilepsy and it is being investigated for a wide range of additional health issues including cognitive (dementia, Alzheimer, traumatic brain injuries, etc.), cancer, and others.  However, the diet should only be used under the care of knowledgeable and licensed medical professionals as certain lab work should be performed on a regular basis.  In addition, blood glucose and ketones should be monitored daily.  This is because there can be serous complications to the diet.  I could easily write a post many times longer than this, but I am going to end it here as I do not want to derail this thread.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for all the knowledge you share here so genuinely
Apologize if this question has already got out as i'm convinced many of us focus on this point.
We are frequently wondering how to track xRapid volumes, in order to follow growth and dev... and to understand a bit what's happening.
Could you indicate us how we could do it (partly or totally) throught the public tools available (ie on XRPcharts) or if it's so embarrasing that it's the impossible way to follow,  at least for a while...

That's my naive question. I hope that's not irrelevant question

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18 hours ago, zerpdigger said:

wait.... WHAT?! the 7 billion wasnt enough, are you being serious, or was it a joke?

he is correct he donated 7b to the unbanked , thats why im lost as to why media keep calling them trillion dollar men 

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Hi @BobWay,

Thanks for coming here and chatting with us :). As you asked for skeptical questions, here are some :

- When Brad is saying banks won't adopt a coin from Bank A because it's competitor, I believe the same issue exists for Ripple. If Banks adopt XRP and make it a global bridge currency, given how much XRP Ripple owns, it could make of Ripple a threat to them. What do you think of this issue ?

- I know people working in big banks that told me the nostro/vostros business was a revenue source for some of them. What do you think ?

- This has been said before , Ripple's XRP stash is key to help build XRP as a a bridging asset, nevertheless, at one point, distribution would have to be more diverse, how could this be achieved , and in what timeframe (i.e how would XRP be distributed worldwide) ?

- I'm really confident in Ripple vision but I've noticed Brad overhyping stuff this year ( " the 3 biggest payment providers company using XRP in 2018"), and announcing big future ( a bank using XRP in 2018, and dozens in 2019). What do you think of this ?

- Lastly, there is a bit of a chicken and egg question with xRapid : liquidity is required to operate xRapid, but xRapid is supposed to generate some ( and maybe push the price by doing that). How would that happen, what's the " tipping point", according to you :) ?

I hope my questions aren't too skeptical and well formulated, english is not my native language so I did my best.

Thank you !

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@BobWay. Hi Bob. I think I have finally come up with a question worth your time. I hope it hasn't been asked already and if it has I apologise. We saw a big spike in price last September with a 3 day consecutive pamp all starting around 12pm GMT. Was this a test? Did Kiittaaaoooo blink or was it just whales playing?



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