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Hi! I'm Bob


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Bob, Thanks for sharing your knowledge & thoughts on all things XRP & Ripple.

1. What are your thoughts on FB, Telegram potentially entering the cross border remittance space. Seeing how messaging apps like Wechat dominate

    payments in the east,  I see them driving out the consumer facing Western Unions etc remittance companies in the long term. Will this be a positive or a

    negative for Ripple/XRP?

2. Thoughts on the recent bidding war over Earthport by Visa and Mastercard. It seems like the tectonic plates are shifting behind the scenes and we

     are only seeing minor eruptions on the surface.


* I posted this previously on page 32, but as far as I can tell, I didn't see a response on this. Hence posting this again now. 


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1 hour ago, lucky said:



I too I hate the 2018 rebranding of:

  • Currency Ripple (XRP) -> XRP
  • Ripple Labs (company awarded 80% of the Ripple currency to build ecosystem around it) -> Ripple

which was not really a rebranding, but unbranding: taking the excellent brand name away, and leaving the currency with just the technical ISO 4217 code, which is a lousy brand name (has to compete with many other X** tokens and does not have any associative meaning) .

Would you join a community effort to claim back the Ripple name for the currency, just by using it as such? I think we can legally do that, because the majority of tokens that were sold to the public were sold under that name. I consider stripping a perfectly good brand name from the tokens after selling them, and assigning that good brand name to your own company, is a form of theft.

Though I probably wouldn't use the words and the qualification you just did, I do sympathize with the sentiment. Actually the event reminded me of the Redhat Linux story back in I think 2002 or 2003 ...

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Bob you have brought us a huge treasure trove of information and access to the inner thoughts of team Ripple.  Everyone has had a fair crack at the whip but the thread is becoming too long to follow and disparate.   May I suggest you choose a subject maybe once a week and limit your answers to that subject.  Then go on to the next subject.  It would be less work for you and easier for us to follow.



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10 hours ago, BobWay said:

It turns out that Ripple was originally conceived as "Bitcoin without Mining". The original post by Jed is here.

Jed got shouted down a bit by bitcoin fanboys from what I understand. So he decided to go it alone. He advertised for a programmer with cryptography experience and David responded.

The distributed exchange ideas came from Arthur. But I did find an interesting early post by David kicking the concept around.


Thank you Bob, I hadn't seen them before, and it brings light over the current FUD agains XRP and Ripple, may people stopped reading about new ideas because of their fixed mind, and many are still not reading what is clear on the wall.


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13 minutes ago, electra_highway said:

How true would that statement hold in today's world?

It's clearly false, bitcoin is highly wasteful and extracts money from the network to energy companies. But those who have a vested interest in the bitcoin network will try to ignore or spin the problem as much as needed until they've soothed themselves back to sleep.

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On 3/10/2019 at 5:29 AM, BobWay said:

But, Stefan wasn't very wrong. In fact, using his proposal as a starting place, I tweaked the parameters and intermediate goals and came up with a mechanism that I'm completely convinced will work. It leads to a net upward pressure on the price of XRP...

 ..and Ripple and I received a patent for it.

This reminds me of a comment from Asheesh Birla a while back, that Ripple considered doing a sizeable xrp giveaway in India before deciding to focus on the largest domestic banks instead 

@BobWay was the underlined text meant to be a weblink?

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On 3/9/2019 at 10:31 PM, cmbartley said:

@BobWay there's an effort to get someone from the Ripple community on to Anthony Pompliano's podcast to provide an alternative perspective about XRPL and Ripple. Every guest so far has been anti. Current Ripple employees aren't allowed to or aren't willing to go on to the podcast for unknown reasons. Would you be open to it? I'd avoid debating another guest as the full, uninterrupted, case for XRP and XRPL is never allowed to be made on these podcasts. I do find Pomp to be a fair interviewer. 


Great point .

I love the Pomp podcast and the calibre of his interviewees .

However I’m astounded at the level of misunderstanding from so called experts in his show when talking about XRP.

One guest called Tom Shaunessy , who runs a blockchain research company to advise hedge funds and FIs , failed to grasp basic facts about XRP . For instance he stated that Ripple the company owns all the validators . Basic level mistakes .

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18 hours ago, BobWay said:

Thank you for your well thought out question. While you were submitting it, I was busy typing this post which gives a lot of background you should understand. Of course you couldn't have known that when you asked the question.

Absolutely any person or group of people can choose to use XRP as a consumer level retail coin. If you have a great idea in that regard, please get started on it. I gave an example in a previous post where I said:

Just to be clear, as XRP becomes more liquid, I personally expect the group of people (3) who want to hold it and use it directly will grow substantially. Nobody need ask Ripple as a company for permission to do so. I believe it will just happen naturally based on individual self interest. As XRP becomes more liquid, I think it is natural to think to yourself, I want to hold the most liquid asset on the planet. (Because that is what money is for!)


Hi Bob  , thanks a lot for your answer !!   I am thinking for instance about XRP and the Art world , this is a 100 Bio $ market yearly .  You could think of collectors and owners buying & selling art at auction houses with XRP . Big auction houses typically have a lot of liquidity coming in and going out ( buyers and sellers ) , it is the perfect setting for a liquid asset like XRP  , benefiting all players in the value chain . And the DLT aspect helps with traceability , trust and provenance concerns.  Kind regards 

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Hi @BobWay

When a mega corp like FB introduces FB coin and decides to advertise directly to its users, as s***** as the project will be, will it be surprising when they gain mass adoption first? Have there been talks inside Ripple HQ about using funds to directly advertise XRP to businesses and individuals? What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for the insights. 

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14 hours ago, EcneitapLatnem said:

Bitter, because I can't get any f***ing work done!!!   Will you slow it down a bit!!!!???


Hah, I'm a complete n00b in this area and I'm the same - I need to work but can't as trying to keep up with this thread too. Made even worse with my slow brain trying to get to grips with all this amazing info from all of you, especially Bob. Thanks all

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13 hours ago, nikb said:

I have no idea what that question means either. I hope @7Bs can clarify.

It's in regards to Facebook possibly storing passwords on the blockchain. I have no tech background. I was just thinking about ways that could be done. As a random example, each letter, number, or character of every password would actually represent 30 other characters so a 5 letter password has 150 representations on a blockchain. And would those representations of the same password be able to alternate? And I'm also still learning what zero proofs do so this question is from that perspective.

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