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Hi! I'm Bob


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3 hours ago, btemtd said:

ok after watching a youtube video i was directed here and he mentions you are on here doin what Riiple doesnt usually do talk about the insides. WHat i dont understand is you state that Xrapid is not the thing that will be the thing to ft the price of  the coin. Can you advise what you beleive willl? I mean is ripple relying opnm Fomo, this is quite important, 31,32 cents is literally like a stablecoin I also dont understand how xrapid 1:1 bank to bank is going to lift the price.Andif you are going to say its going to be scarcity then wouldnt it be a safe bet that the it will then take years and i mean over 5 years to even reach over $2? What are you reay thinking we are going to see for the xrp price to go up. 




THOUGHTS bob and ppl ?


edit :I mean i heard him say He would NOT use it to buy coffee, which i found to be quite odd especally from ceo , wouldnt you want it used in ALL cases? I mean if a shop alows xrp for coffee why on earth woulsnt you use it

I also once heard BG say he would NOT use xrp to buy coffee, i honestly did not like that he said that , why on EARTH wouldnt you? XRP works better as a currency then any currency on earth let alone al other uses

Okay this guy is trolling. Mods, take him out

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2 minutes ago, iddqd said:

Maybe there is grain of salt and truth? 

But reallly....

Is David Hasslehoff a member of the Zerpening ?

I wish I could say more Bob !!!                                                                                                                                       Buy more XRP !!!

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3 hours ago, nikb said:

Yeah, I’m with you there. The Internet has reshaped everything it’s come in contact with. It’s an amazing force for change.

You wrote that you’d “hate to repeat this pattern with the democratizing of the flow of funds and hope we can correct this with the flow of information over the next decade or so.” I agree, wholeheartedly. I joined you at Ripple because I wanted to change the way money and value flowed, by building an open system that was accessible to everyone and favored no one—a value we shared. Getting to work with you again was the cherry on top.

So the decentralized exchange aspect of the ledger was a huge thing for me. I hope that more uses for that feature emerge.

I hope new IOU features are added to support new and exciting use cases. Speaking of which, we had someone open a PR to extend escrows to IOUs which I thought was great. I hope he completes the changes so it can be merged. More generally, I hope that more people start contributing.

Could payment channels be extended to IOUs? 

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On 3/10/2019 at 1:52 AM, Tinyaccount said:


The biggest problem I’ve had thinking about this occasionally over the years is how do you work a market to achieve good valuations of credibility?

My Dad was a bloke you could hand a million dollars to and ask him to hold it till next year.  A year later your funds would be ready for you.  He was as decent a man as I’ve ever known.  But how would any of you ever know that if you met him on the internet?  Not that he ever wanted to understand that silly computer thingy...   :) 

Take a look at Bloom.co blockchain identity project.  BLT on coin market cap. They are a small project that I think have good intentions. Only what I have read from their web page. 

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1 hour ago, btemtd said:

he did on youtube,,, he said it when they were talking abpu tthe starbuck thing it was on stage 1 on 1 with soeone.... although He DID say well on concept you could use xrp to buy coffee but the way it was said was that xrp is ony for bridging and he would use btc for coffee,, making a point that he hold multiple currrencies

No. He said why on earth would you ever use BTC to buy coffee? Because by the time the payment was confirmed your coffee would be stone cold.

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Hey bob! Thank you for being here.

May I ask whats ripple's opinions on XRP investors? In my perfect opinion, i think that, ripple is bullish on the price of XRP, do they think we deserve to be rewarded because we're taking so much risk buying XRP and increasing liquidity for their ultimate goal?

Is there any terms or talks Ripple have had that talks about protecting investors? (lets not dump x amount of XPR), or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, AlvaroXRP said:

I have the feeling that there are/were very smart people with a lot of knowledge at Ripple but no one really knows where XRP is going....

How can anyone definitively know where XRP is going or what price it will trade at? The entire crypto space is embryonic. 

@JoelKatz, @BobWay, @nikb and others have a vision of where they would like XRP to be in terms of its place and usecase within the financial ecosystem. Will we get there? Hopefully! Kudos to them for working towards achieving their vision. 


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