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Hi! I'm Bob


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@BobWay , Welcome,  thanks for jumping on board and being candid and honest with your answers,  I'm looking forward to more of your answers from some incredibly intelligent people ( not me)  on this forum . Question: Any thoughts on why coinbase only just listed XRP and whats your thoughts on any near future regulatory announcements. I'm glad your health is better and all the best with your new business venture. 

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2 hours ago, BobWay said:

really the topic I hoped to discuss on this site long term

Thanks so very much for your detailed answer.  I’m glad I lucked on to something that you were interested in.  :JC_doubleup:

This might be touchy so leave it if you want...   but did you guys model XRapid and create an internal test environ to try to see if price is affected positively?  Run a simulation of the exchanges and trades?

I think the asymmetric nature of the flow (at market, packetised trades inbound but aggregated limit orders back as arbitrage by the market makers) will tend to give a slight upward pressure.  I’d love to hear if you agree but really don’t want to pressure you.  

I feel like I met a unicorn...   :) 

Someone who has seen it from the inside.

While I can....    I just want to say how much I appreciate your work and your answers.  

Good onya mate ( as we say here in Oz)    :JC_doubleup:


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11 minutes ago, Trickery said:

Hi Bob welcome to the forum, I can already see that you're going to be a great asset to us all.

And hopefully,   although I don’t see how as yet...   we can be an asset for him.

Perhaps as a bunch of beta testers for his project?   Dunno,  but it would be nice to give back in some way...

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