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Hi! I'm Bob


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11 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

Thanks for doing that and in spite of some pushback in here,  I’m certain you understand the importance of trust but verify (as Nick mentioned).  No disrespect was intended, (and I’m fairly sure no offence was taken...)

No worries! I was wondering what everyone would want to see. I suspected a Ripple transaction, but I could also see a NoBS post on the Ripple forums, or bitcointalk. I rarely post on twitter so that didn't seem to make too much sense.

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Do you think Nik and Brad and others are mildly panicking now that you are on here?  (you’ve mentioned you are outspoken...)

Personally I suspect not...  you (and all the team there) seem like decent folk that I would happily shout a beer to...  folks who know how to disagree and discuss without aggression...   people who are somewhat rare in many parts of the internet...  :) 

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On 3/6/2019 at 6:58 PM, BobWay said:

Just a quick note to everyone...

I'm enjoying all the accolades and the really great welcome I've received here. Thank you all! I'm realizing that I really am quite vain! :)

But really I'd appreciate everyone here being very skeptical. Just know It won't scare me off.

This holds for questioning me and my presumptions... Really question EVERYTHING you've ever seen in a press release. I'm not a huge fan of puffery. There are too many awesome technical and ecosystem developments going to waste time puffing silliness. I'm happy to explain thing in either high-level marketing speak, or way too low-level technical talk. I love it when people understand and appreciate the Ripple Ledger, and ILP, and Synchronized Payments, and consensus algorithms, and...  It's all quite beautiful once you see it clearly. My role is to help everyone see it clearly. 

I used to tell all the new Ripplers that I trained, "DON'T presume that you SHOULD BE able to understand everything we say. Lots of the words we use don't actually make any sense. Many phrases have weird connotations that you can't possibly understand. We are horrible about naming things and tend to explain easy things in quirky terms. NOBODY IN BANKING EVER ISSUES YOU A BALANCE! They simply credit your account. But we continue to say these silly things everyday."

You can all presume that I think I'm right :biggrin: and also presume that I think I'm telling you the complete truth. But be skeptical! Make me explain it to your satisfaction and bring your own insights. That is where I get the most benefit. The fastest way for me to realize when I'm wrong is to have smarter people than me tell me so! I hate being wrong, but I hate more, being wrong without people telling me so.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to some great discussion!

I wish I could like this more than once. I love this.

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52 minutes ago, XRPonTheIronThrone said:

My curiosity has been peaked by this one. Clarification would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

It seems Bob is advocating against XRP being a "currency" or having large increases in price due to speculation or usage in that forum link.. I'm a bit confused. 

I found this post concerning as well:

'Speculators would be better off pooling their resources (monetary and otherwise) and investing them in businesses that they think are viable and would help ripple become what it was meant to be


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This thread just gets better and better , @BobWay did you think about starting a open club with different subject topics ? That way people do not have to scroll through what will become hundreds of pages and also you won't be asked the same question a hundred times.  This is a great opportunity to have a strong foundation of knowledge as a source for reference for the future members as well as us. 

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Thanks Bob and thanks to everyone for posting all the questions. I read the entire thread, and it was very worthwhile. I look forward to learning more as we go forward. I can't overstate how much I appreciate your patient approach to answering these questions, sir.  This is my first post on the forum. Thanks to those who are responsible for making this kind of discussion possible.

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Thank you Bob for your valuable contributions here as well as during your time at Ripple! This thread inspired me to create an account here :)

Maybe this is well understood, but I'd to know what you think. So, in your opinion, what needs to happen before the XRP price action stops being influenced by Bitcoin? It seems quite easy for Bitcoin to tank XRP price movements at the moment. 

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I can think of a few general topics...

- The escrowed XRP

-  Ripple sales.. OTC and programmatic exchange

-  The built in distributed exchange

-  People and events at Ripple

-  Adoption strategies and issues

-  The XRPLedger tips and tricks

-  other players and devopments

-  R3 And other integrations

-  XRP evolved...  derivatives and lending and pooling...


Thats just a few...  I’m sure I’ve missed all the important ones.

Im afraid I’m OOL (out of likes) so cant like the posts above that moved me to press “like”...

Bob the club thing...  it’s a name for what are essentially sub-forums on here...   You could start one (we wouldn’t presume) if you wanted to...  the list above or a better one would be threads in the club...  it might help avoid repeats of questions...



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