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Hi! I'm Bob


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7 hours ago, Tinyaccount said:

I like it particularly because of the air gapped QR code of a transaction blob capability.  A cold wallet on a never-connected box makes it fairly safe and yet practical for usage I think.

Ripplerm, Bithomp and XRPTools are also capable of such QR transactions and probably more.

Bithomp offline tools is my favourite. Nice GUI, offline tools including MultiSign and Escrow.

@Warbler is quite active here too if you ever need any assistance.

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Just caught up on the last few pages. I’ve noticed a few questions being asked that have already been asked by other members.

Please could we make sure that we read all previous posts to avoid duplicate questions and keep clutter to a minimum on what is an amazingly informative thread.

I’m sure it would make it a little less time consuming for Bob to reply to everybody’s questions.

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Hello Bob,


Thank you for sharing your insight. 

Much is made of the liquidity requirement before mass adoption can take place. Do you see this as a gradual liquidity increase? or is it more likely the pieces are staged and waiting for a coordinated cutover? 




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Hello @BobWay ,thanks for joining xrpchat its great for the XRP community, to chat to someone who has worked for Ripple. With all of there inside knowledge and some to share !  

I have a few questions :)

Are you able to explain about Xpool ? From what I can understand is that a trademark application was made on 25th july 2017, by Ripple labs Inc. I have also seen "By consolidating liquidity to service international payments from many, disjointed, international nostro accounts into one XRP pool, respondent banks allocate less total liquidity to service the same volume of global payments"  I cant help but think of PolySign "Institutional-grade custody for digital assets" `This would be a secure place for a pool of XRP (liquidity), just my speculation though "I think one of the things that will surprise us a year from now is that banks will be custodying digital assets directly," Brad Garlinghouse 

Can you see Ripple going after the derivatives market with Codius in the future, was it ever discussed when you were there ? I understand the peanut butter manifesto, but it would be great to have two slices of toast with peanut butter on. 

Why do you think Swift are so stubborn for change? Chris Larsen has said "there's lots of areas to partner with swift" and "SWIFT has run Ripple in its labs and is totally up to speed with what Ripple does" 2016 quote by Marcus Treacher. Whats holding Swift back from this superior technology. 

I see there has been tests Danny Aranda march 21 2017 "TEST that we did last year with 12 TIER 1 and TIER 2 banks was to use DIGITAL CURRENCY as a mechanism of transfer" Do you feel tier 1 banks will be the last to adopt this technology, compared to the tier 2 and why ? 

Is Ripple targeting small payments with XRP first to build liquidity, then onto large payments, when do you see large payments being made without effecting the market ? 2020
"Bridging large payments with XRP is possible now, but the need for both ends to buy and sell slowly to avoid moving the market against them makes it much less attractive. But high volume payments are fine.:" From David Schwartz

What does Ripple think about the XRP community speculating does it bring a negative impact, and how can we make a greater impact for the good ? 

Ripple has there fingers in every pie (Banking software providers) when do you think the software providers  will start to offer xcurrent/xrapid to there partners, is regulation holding this back ?

Is ripple's progress going faster than expected, or has there been unforeseen delays ?

What are you most excited about for 2019, and which year has been your favourite so far? 

That's all my question for now, thanks Bob :)

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