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Hi! I'm Bob


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Hi @BobWay,

It's been great to read through this all and even though i struggle to understand fully some of it its great you have taken the time to explain it as best you can.

But Bob, before this thread expands, which i assure you it will over the next few days as we are all glued to it, waiting for your next input - is there a way of proving you are who you say you are. You could do this in all manner of ways, like you said the community should be FUN, but we should (as you also said) be skeptical.



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Welcome @BobWay

@JoelKatz has talked about scaleability in the past and the need for a higher price per XRP. With XRP being a higher price it would reduce the volatility because it would take more money/xrp to move the market. 100M XRP which is 0.1% of the total supply would only cost roughly $30M at todays prices which would certainly move the market a bit. That same amount of XRP with a higher price, let's say $10 would then cost $1B which is a significantly larger total of money and would be a lot harder to move the market. Therefore it makes sense that the higher price per XRP the more difficult it would be to create volatility. So, once xrp gets wider adopted by banks/FIs for CTBs this will create a need for a less volatile price per xrp. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this concept?

Thanks in advance.

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Bob, thank you for being here and welcome to the community.  It is amazing that you are here to share yourself with us, it means a lot to me and others.  

I am glad that you are feeling better, and I hope that you continue to feel better.  

I haven’t had time to read through this thread and of course now I have to rush to work as I have a jammed packed day, but I really wanted to say thank you so much for being our village elder (please note I am not talking age) who is facing our community.  It feels like a warm embrace that we have been waiting for.


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28 minutes ago, Hodor said:


You did the work, you get the respect.

One thing this thread demonstrates is how well the community and Ripple are integrated with each other.  Sometime critics want to say the XRP fanbase are an embarrassment to the company, but in truth Ripple are benefiting from their fanbase.  Hodor, Crypto Eri, Galgitron and Wietse Wind hold the podium positions in my opinion.

One question for Bob - How do the Ripple view Bearable guy?  Do they regard his riddles as an embarrassment they wish had never happened?

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Thanks a thousand times @BobWay for investing your time and sharing your perspective. It's refreshing.

Ripple's (the company) valuation has been discussed on Twitter a few times lately. Its valuation suggests that its XRP holdings are heavily discounted (90%+) by equity investors (and as if future license, integration and transaction fees are hardly reflected). Since quite a lot of Ripple employees are paid in/ own equity, what are their and your thoughts on this?

To me there are probably only 2 possible scenarios:

1) equity investors don't believe (yet?) into XRP sustaining prices in the future

2) equity investors assume that the very majority of Ripple's XRP holdings will be re-invested into the ecosystem


Thanks & good luck with your new venture! 

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5 hours ago, RubMyXRPs said:


Hi Bob!

Welcome and great to have you on board!

I have two questions:

1.) Are you bearableguy123?

2.) Do you like gifs?





I can't believe it took so long for someone to ask this "question".  It made me laugh. Thanks for all your insight @BobWay

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