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Hi! I'm Bob

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We certainly would never discourage anyone from using the XRPL's distributed exchange feature! I'm still a bit sad that our strategy lead us in a different direction and that we abandoned the nascent

Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bob Way, formerly of Ripple. Thank you in advance for allowing me to join your forum. Back in the early days of crypto I was pretty active in the B

As promised, I didn't go to bed before finishing monstrosity. It is the delayed continuation of the post I left hanging here. Sorry for the delay. ----- I've had a long love/hate relationshi

4 minutes ago, BobWay said:

I do understand Codius. I'll start a thread to talk about it in the appropriate form when this thread dies down enough for me to get out of my chair.

It is a contraction of "Codius" and "ILP".

Ha, that's actually a neat little factoid. 

You've probably already seen the Codius section I imagine:

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@BobWay very cool to have you here and thanks for all the great information & sharing your experiences. Regarding xRapid, in lopsided corridors such as usd/mxn, market makers on the 'far' end (at bitso, for example) will deplete their fiat reserve & need to rebalance. Let's say they're making markets at bittrex and bitso simultaneously for argument's sake. So, they have a constant need to send xrp from bitso to bittrex (easy) and fiat from bittrex to bitso (not so easy). If they do this via xRapid, they are potentially sucking up liquidity. If they do this via xCurrent, that seems to trap liquidity in the nostro/vostro system just as we have today. How did Ripple think about this issue, what some might see as a dilemma?

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3 hours ago, BobWay said:

But what about XRP? Isn't Mark just going to get rich here trading fiat?

Yes, but the first step is to get money moving through OUR system (RippleNet). The least scary way (for banks) to do that is via fiat like they are used to.

XRP comes in as an alternate lower cost path.

  • (Alice) ----@ (SPEI@----------------------- (Mark) ----------------------@ (IMPS)  @---- (Bob)                 We want this path to cost more
  •                       (SPEI@---- (Mark) ----@ (XRP) @---- (Mak) ----@ (IMPS)                                      We want this path to cost less

You can add that path without upsetting the original topology. If a bank is scared of crypto they can pay more. if they want to pay less, they can route through crypto. I'll leave it to you to decide how long you think banks will want to pay more for transactions.


Einstein once said:

When you can explain the theory to a 6 years old kid and he/she can understand it, then it is a stroke of genius or whatever it says hahaha 

i am the 6 years old boy so you guys are the Einstein of Fintech



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Thanks for participating @BobWay. I’ve been watching some weird XCN transactions on the ledger. While the transactions always fail (tecPATH_dry), they are in denominations of 10,001. The photo is my research into who I believe is behind XCN.

Can you shed any light on these txns. 





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20 minutes ago, Koalahugger said:

I’ve been watching some weird XCN transactions on the ledger.

Bob mentioned earlier there is a catch-cry in Ripple...  “tx-id or it didn’t happen”.     :) 

Perhaps you could share a id for one as an example?

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Man, this thread is going to be an epic journey. Absolute Gold.

- We do not seem to see other figures in the blockchain/crypto world on stage with figures like Ross Leckow, Deputy General Counsel of the IMF.

- We see some board members of Ripple who have connections to some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.

- We see former higher ups in the SWIFT ecosystem on stage and on conferences now representing Ripple the company.

No need to answer anything in detail on this topic, but there is something really special going on here, right?

Thanks again.

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11 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

Bob mentioned earlier there is a catch-cry in Ripple...  “tx-id or it didn’t happen”.     :) 

Perhaps you could share a id for one as an example?

Here we go @BobWay



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On 3/6/2019 at 11:36 PM, BobWay said:

Arthur and his team realized that there isn't good hardware support to help these custodians manage and support cryptocurrency (especially XRP) transactions.

Bob, you're a star! This confirmed my hypothesis that the brightest at Ripple are aware of this issue and that PolySign is related to the problem of low XRP hardware wallet support.

I'm doing what I can to change this, starting with implementing full XRP support together with Secalot (open-source software and hardware) and then going for Ledger/Trezor/others.

It's 2019, we should be able to multisign using multiple hardware wallets, sign escrows, trust lines and IOU payments by now... 

Do you have any additional thoughts on XRP hardware wallet support?


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