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Wipple 0.13.1 Released!


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Come one, come all, hear the announcement of Wipple 0.13.1!!!

For those who don't know Wipple is a ledger monitor and analyzer, aimed at providing users with simple tools to retrieve deep ledger insights as well as perform useful functions on the network.

This release brings many new features and improvements including streamlined navigation, extended tools which to highlight and filter transactions, a widget to view a timeline of account transactions (expiremental), as well as much needed backend hardening and testing. The reporting UI has been expanded to support viewing of higher order timeframes and we've gone through the application and improved the mobile experience, so all sections are accessible via smartphone / tablet interface.

Be sure to checkout our newly launched blog for the complete details and don't wander far away, we've got many more features planned for the next release which is just around the corner!


Happy rippling!





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13 minutes ago, devnullprod said:

Be sure to checkout our newly launched blog

Love the new blog page!

We ask that anything that looks "wrong" on mobile interfaces be reported to devnullproductions@gmail.comso that we can promply address. -

This probably only affects me but my OCD likes to have symmetry on my phone. While scrolling down, I have to zoom in a little to make sure that everything further down is central on my screen. Apart from that personal gripe of mine, top notch! :JC_doubleup:

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