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1 hour ago, VanGogh said:

There are trillions of dollars in retirement accounts on indices like the Nasdaq. Eventually hedge funds, etc. will be able to invest some of those retirement funds in XRP en-masse. 

But for now we're just talking about the liquid index right? The article states the following: The Liquid Index from BNC gives ongoing data on the costs.

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3 hours ago, BruceWhale said:

If you're right they would list XRP when a bullrun happen : nasdaq + fomo = Epic candles

That would be awesome the bad thing is they will most likely do it before the bull run so that it doesn’t affect prices too much but I hope you are right

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1 hour ago, PhiGuy said:

custody product is going to be something special.”

This part also is a very big deal. Insurance companies such as Loyds of London are beginning to create  solutions for digital assets too. Custody solutions and insurance by companies with solid reputations will open doors for average citizens to feel comfortable investing or have their brokers invest a portion of their retirement into this new asset class. Even if only 10% were to come into digital assets from the hedge funds that would be tremendous. 

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8 hours ago, Kpuff said:

Thanks, @Kpuff....This is encouraging: 

"Ripple, led by the CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is at the forefront of fintech development in the incredibly profitable cross-border payment space. The deep connections between Ripple and major financial institutions, such as American Express, Santander or Standard Chartered, mean it is likely to retain its enviable position as the bridge between the brave new world of cryptocurrency and the staid old world of traditional finance.

Whenever crypto finance critics, like Warren Buffett, cast doubt on the long-term potential of something within the blockchain space, they typically point to a lack of real utility underlying the value of digital assets. However, it’s clear that central banks and major financial institutions recognize Ripple has incredible utility value."


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